Episode 79 – Jean Grey # 3 “A Tadpole No Longer”

  Jean Grey # 3 – Marvel Comics – Written by Dennis Hopeless – Pencils and Inks by Victor Ibanez – Layout Art by Al Barrionuevo – Colors by Jay Davis Ramos and Dono Sanchez Almara     Redneck # 3 – Image Comics – Written by Donny Cates – Pencils and Inks by Lisandro … Read more

Episode 78 – Batman # 25 “That’s Not Funny”

Batman # 25 – DC Comics – “The War of Jokes and Riddles” – Written by Tom King – Pencils and Inks by Mikel Janin – Colors by June Chung   Shirtless Bear Fighter # 1 – Image Comics – Written by Jody Leheup and Sebastian Girner – Pencil and Inks by Nil Vendrell – … Read more

Episode 71 – Star Lord #6 “Get Off My Planet”

Episode # 71, In which the nerds deal with an emotional week in comics     Star Lord #6 – Marvel Comics – Written by Chip Zdarsky, Pencils by Kris Anka, Inks by Kris Anka and Waldo Wong, and Colors by Matt Wilson Redneck #1 – Image Comics – Written by Donny Cates, Pencils and … Read more

Four Color Nerds Podcast, Episode 17, Old Man Logan #1

Wherein the Nerds escape the Krisztina’s plague Old Man Logan #1. – In which alternate world future Logan makes a list, and checks it twice… [14:16]East of West #24. – In which we get a hearty helping of background and someone gets a hearty helping of someone’s back. [20;46]Cry Havoc #1. – In which we … Read more

Four Color Nerds Podcast, Episode 16, Clean Room #4

Wherein the Podcast gets an ’83 Escort and a tank of gas Pick of the week – Clean Room #4. In which the Nerds say Faaaaaark, fark fark, farkity fark you Farking farkers. There goes our PG-13 rating. Captain Marvel #1. In which the Nerds see S.W.O.R.D. quietly rebooted, now with Captain Marvel, and dead … Read more

Four Color Nerds Podcast, Episode 15, Secret Wars #9

Episode 15, Wherein Ryan discovers solo podcasting after a mishap with the recording software. Pick of the week – Secret Wars #9. In which The whole damn series is redeemed. Figment 2 #5 – In which The Nerds combine Care Bears and Disney Red Sonja #1 – In which the She Devil longs for action … Read more

Four Color Nerds Podcast Episode 13, Rat Queens # 14

Episode 13 – Wherein the Nerds give points. Pick of the Week – Rat Queens #14. In which The Nerds hang out with a pretty cool Dragon, and find the greatest treasure of all – Candy! 00:09:22 – Squadron Supreme #2. In which The Nerds question if the Squadron is good or evil, or more … Read more

Four Color Nerds Podcast Episode 12, Spider Woman # 2

Wherein spoilers abound, especially for the juggernaut that is The Force Awakens. Pick of them Week – Spider Woman #2. In which The Nerds try Cheese Bugles and Fizzy Red 00:14:59 – Saga #32. In which The Nerds wonder why you would have guards made of fire in a hall of records. 00:28:40 – Patsy … Read more