“Bad Moon” – DC House of Horror # 1 – Episode 94

The Nerds go bump in the night for this week’s issue. Legacies, horrors, and last minute saves abound



DC House of Horror # 1 – “Bump in the Night” Written by Edmund Lee – Pencils and Inks by Howard Porter – Colors by Hi Fi – “Blackest Day” by Brian Keene – Pencils and Inks by Scott Kolins – Colors by Rumulo Far Jada Jr. – “Man’s World” – Written by Mary Sangiovonni – Pencils and Inks by Bilquis Evely – Colors by Hi Fi – “Stray Arrow” – Written by Ronald Malfi – Pencils and Inks by Dale Eaglesham – Colors by Jordan Boyd – “Crazy for You” – Written by Bryan Smith and Brian Keene – Art by Kyle Baker – “Unmasked” – Written by Wrath James White – Pencils and Inks by Tom Rainey – Colors by Gina Going Raney – “Last Laugh” Written by Nick Cutter – Pencils and Inks by Rags Morales – Colors by Lovern Kindzierk



The Despicable Deadpool # 288 – “Deadpool Kills Cable, Part 2: Waiting for Cable Installation” – Written by Gerry Duggan – Pencils and Inks by Scott Koblish – Colors by Nick Filardo



Black Panther # 166 – “Klaw Stands Supreme, Part 1” – “Avengers of the New World, Part 7” – Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates – Pencils by Leonard Kirk – Inks by Leonard Kirk and Marc Deering – Colors by Laura Martin




The Kamandi Challenge # 10 – “Mother, May I?” – Written by Greg Pak – Pencils by Shane Davis – Inks by Michael Deleki – Colors by Hi Fi



The Amazing Spider-Man # 790 – “The Fall of Parker, Part 2” Written by Dan Slott – Pencils by Stuart Immonen – Inks by Wade Von Grawbadger – Colors by Marte Gracia




Saga # 48 – Written by Brian K Vaughn – Art by Fiona Staples




Fu Jitsu # 2 – “Curse of the Atomic Katana, mm Part 2” – Written by Jai Nitz – Pencils and Inks by Wes St. Clair – Colors by Maria Santaolalla




B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know # 3 – Written by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie – Pencils and Inks by Laurence Campbell – Colors by Dave Stewart




Captain Marvel # 125 – “Dark Origins, Part 1” – Written by Margaret Stohl – Pencils and Inks by Michele Bandini – Colors by Erick Arciniega




And now for Pull, Pass or Complain about it on the Internet


Jughead The Hunger # 1 – Written by Frank Tieri – Pencils by Tim Kennedy – Inks by Pat Kennedy




Batman: The Merciless # 1 – Written by Peter J. Tomasi – Art by Francis Manapul



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