Broke Gaming Episode 17 – Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor “All About Murder”

Listen in as the Nerds discuss Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Hack and slash your way through some rather vicious orcs, taking out leaders and building up your own arsenal of abilities, as Talion and Celebrimbor seek vengeance against Sauron. Welcome our newest podcaster Tom! Then listen in as we pick our next game. Keep gaming … Read more

Broke Gaming Episode 11 – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons “Separation Anxiety”

Listen as The Nerds discuss Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and guide two brothers on a journey to save their dying father and learn to work as a team. Each brother has different abilities and weaknesses, and will need the others help to save their father.  Full of a rich story line, emotional developments, … Read more

Broke Gaming Episode 10 – The Flame In The Flood “Down River”

Listen as The Nerds enjoy some Bluegrass while rafting in the post apocalypse, post societal world of The Flame In The Flood.  A procedural generated adventure game of crafting and attempted survival on a river raft through the flooded and devastated country side. How far down river can you make it? Can you find the … Read more