“Forgive Us If We Go Astray” – The Jetsons # 1, Episode 95

The Jetsons # 1 – “Meet the Jetsons” – DC Comics – Written by Jimmy Palmiotti – Pencils and Inks by Pier Brito – Colors by Alex Sinclair Batman # 34 – “Rules of Engagement, Part 2” – DC Comics – Written by Tom King – Pencils and Inks by Joelle Jones – Colors by … Read more

“All My Life” – Falcon # 1 – Episode 92

This week, the nerds take you to some low places, back to basics, and continue to find the way home. Also, Sonoma County has recently come into some hard times with the California wildfires. If you can help, please do through https://www.redwoodcu.org/northbayfirerelief The Nerds make no money on this. This link is to help people … Read more

“Mighty Beards” – Champions # 3 – Episode 58

It’s a Manly, Mighty Beards edition this week.  Listen in for not one, but 2 unanimous five star books.  The pick is Ms. Marvel, and it’s a great ride.  Then listen as we also review: Batman #12. Cannibal #3. The Unworthy Thor #2. Aliens: Defiance #7. Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #3. Star Wars: … Read more

“Hell Bacon” – Doctor Strange # 14 – Episode 56

Join The Nerds as they hang out with Doctor Strange and Satana in Hell’s Diner for some bacon wrapped hell bacon It promises to be a truly out of body experinece.  then listen in as we review: Doctor Strange #14. Spider-Man #9. Superman #11. Moonshine #2. Reborn #2. Batman #11. Black Panther #8 Jessica Jones … Read more