“Did You Vote for Him, Ellen?” – Daredevil # 595 – Episode 96

  Daredevil # 595 – “Mayor Fisk, Part 1” – Marvel Comics – Written by Charles Soule – Pencils and Inks by Stefano Landini – Colors by Mark Milla     Moon Knight # 188 – “Crazy Runs In The Family, Part 1” – Marvel Comics – Written by Max Bemis – Pencils and Inks … Read more

“All My Life” – Falcon # 1 – Episode 92

This week, the nerds take you to some low places, back to basics, and continue to find the way home. Also, Sonoma County has recently come into some hard times with the California wildfires. If you can help, please do through https://www.redwoodcu.org/northbayfirerelief The Nerds make no money on this. This link is to help people … Read more

Costumes: Corissa’s Gert from “The Runaways”

It is Halloween time and it is a perfect time to talk about costumes. These are from the time I dressed up as Gertrude Yorke, from Marvel’s “The Runaways” series at SDCC. I have photos with Brian K. Vaughan and one of the series colorist(who actually approached me to ask for a picture. A high … Read more