Review – Ms. Marvel #19

WRITER: G. Willow Wilson Artist: Adrian Alphona Colorist: Ian Herring Kamala Khan is one of my favorite pretend people. She is smart, and brave and determined and most of all Good. It os her innate kindness and goodness that draw me to the character most strongly. She is not a cynical, dark anti hero brooding … Read moreReview – Ms. Marvel #19

Review – Invincible Iron Man #1

Writer – Brian Michael Bendis Artist – David Marquez Color – Justin Ponsor Some comic books have really good characters, or good dialogue, good action or advance the overall plot of a universe really well.  Invincible Iron Man #1 manages to do all of these things in a single issue. That’s a rare combination when … Read moreReview – Invincible Iron Man #1

Review – Southern Bastards #11

Writer – Jason Aaron Artist – Jason Latour Southern bastards #11 is a magnificent piece of work. In this issue we begin to fully see what the book is. Southern Bastards is setting the stage with story arcs that introduce characters, giving them their own space and perspective to show us their lives. We learn … Read moreReview – Southern Bastards #11

Review – Captain America: White #2

  Writer: Jeph Loeb Art: Tim Sale Captain America: White #2 continues the fine tradition of such great titles as Spiderman: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow and Hulk: Grey. These books take a more introspective look at the heroes of the Marvel universe and examine the costs of being a hero, what the Hero, and those around … Read moreReview – Captain America: White #2

Review – From Under Mountains #1

Writer –  Claire Gibson, Marian Churchland Art – Sloane Leong From under mountains is set in the 8house fantasy world and shows a world that is a mix of detailed and fleshed out and simultaneously vague. That’s sort of the crux of the impression I’m  left with – very mixed. The art style is unique … Read moreReview – From Under Mountains #1

Review – Sandman: Overture # 6

o·ver·ture ˈōvərCHər,ˈōvərˌCHo͝or/ noun noun: overture; plural noun: overtures 1. an introduction to something more substantial. Sandman: Overture, and I mean the whole series, not just #6, because it is something that you really need to read all of to not understand it, is the story of what happened leading up to Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes, … Read moreReview – Sandman: Overture # 6

Review – Postal #7

Writers – Bryan Hill, Matt Hawkins Artist – Isaac Goodhart Cover Artists – Isaac Goodhart, Linda Sejic Postal #7 contains a lot of emotional honesty and uncomfortable truth. Postal is very, very good at giving us fully formed, complex characters who feel like real people. Real damaged, bad people. What do you expect in a … Read moreReview – Postal #7

Review – Years of Future Past #5

Writer – Marguerite Bennet Artist – Mike Norton Marguerite Bennet is quickly becoming a name I view as a sign of quality, with this and 1602: Witch Hunter Angela being g some of my favorite among the Secret Wars books. This b oon strikes the balance between paying homage to Days of Future Past and … Read moreReview – Years of Future Past #5

Review – Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4

Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick, Kelly Thompson Artists: Laura Braga, Paolo Pantalena Colorist: Lee Loughridge There are those who are not satisfied with the truth they have been told their entire lives, that all of the world holds dear and sacred. Those who dare to ask more, to seek out their own truth, to push the … Read moreReview – Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4

Review – Star Wars: Lando # 4

Writer: Charles Soule Artist: Alex Maleev Colorist: Paul Mounts A star wars book is a tricky thing, trying to balance the familiar and the new. Stick to close to the familiar and you are constrained by what  has happened before and what must happen next. Stray too far into the new and you risk losing … Read moreReview – Star Wars: Lando # 4