Costumes: Corissa’s Gert from “The Runaways”

It is Halloween time and it is a perfect time to talk about costumes. These are from the time I dressed up as Gertrude Yorke, from Marvel’s “The Runaways” series at SDCC. I have photos with Brian K. Vaughan and one of the series colorist(who actually approached me to ask for a picture. A high … Read moreCostumes: Corissa’s Gert from “The Runaways”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official) Nerd Out – Possible Spoilers

Yes, I know we are a comic book site, but there are Star Wars comics and one of the few things that I love more than comics is Star Wars. So here we go, as I break this down.


0:09 – Rey in homemade goggles and a head wrap climbing through the dilapidated guts of a Star Destroyer.

0:16 – Who is this voice? The voice answering is Rey, but is the questioner maybe Leia?

0:38 – The First Order (The new Empire) on what we can only assume is Starkiller Base, which is basically a Death Star carved out of a planet.

0:39 – Finn, in the voice over, doubting his whole reason for existence.

0:43 – 0:46 – Finn in his TIE Fighter, crashing on Jakku, where Rey is surviving.

0:53 – 0:59 – Kylo Ren pulling a Hamlet, talking to Vader’s melted helmet. Some have rumored that he’s actually Han and Leia’s Son and he left because Luke adopted Rey instead of him as his most favored student.

1:03 – Ren using the force on someone; I think it’s Poe Dameron?

1:20 – The Falcon Jumps to hyperspace, and my heart leaps to my throat.


1:24 – More Knights of Ren?

1:28 – X-Wings speeding over water…. oh giggity

1:33 – Dameron and Finn – Shit’s about to get real.

1:39 – That droid looks familiar, but I can’t figure out from where.

1:40 – Han Solo admits in believing in the Force and we see…Luke?

1:43 – Captain Phasma walking through a war zone like the badass she is.

1:45 – Rey is crying over someone – WHO? It’s been rumored that Han doesn’t make it out of here alive, but that kinda looks like Chewie

1:48 – I think Rey is talking to get Finn to accept the Force as calling to him? He’s the holder of Anakin’s saber.

1:50 – 1:56 – Shit is going down, like seriously.

1:57 – Finn with saber drawn

1:58 – Ren attacking Finn; Finn thinking that this was maybe not a well thought through plan…

2:00 – Title Card

2:07 – Seriously; 59 more GODDAMN days???