Mat’s feedback on the Hellboy (2019) trailer

Sorry I didn’t do a video for this, but tomorrow is the Solstice and I didn’t have time to edit and record.

This is a rant, and I am super passionate about Hellboy and the Mignola-verse, so be warned, this is not a critical review 🙂
I’m gonna need to see another trailer that hopefully shows this as not a comedy. With no billy Fucking Idol song that hopefully isn’t in the movie. That song is horrible in the context of this trailer. It’s not great else-wise. What the fuck is it even about? The closest thing I can find is that they were inspired Mutual of New York? Fucking seriously?

The Hand of Doom looks like someone made it in their home shop off of 10 year old tutorials. Perlman’s had a lot more flexibility and usefulness. This one is too low on his arm, and it barely movies. Odin Makes has a tutorial that they could have used to make a better one.

After watching it a couple of times, his facial prosthetics aren’t as bad as I first thought, but there’s something off about it.
It doesn’t feel Mignola-verse. That is something that the Del Toro movies had. They felt like that universe. This just feels like they took characters and put them in a generic movie. Or MIB but with monsters.
Why the fuck is Alice not a red-head? We gingers are mutants, it’s not a race thing. Or give her a dye job, I don’t care, but keep the fucking hair.
Ben Daimio’s faced should have been more fucked up. This is an issue everywhere. People who wear masks for anonymity or defense or both keep taking them off so you can see the Actor’s face. But the gnarly face is part of that character. Yes, his face is a little fucked up, but I really want to see teeth here. This is supposed to be a horror movie!
Isn’t this supposed to be R rated? This trailer feels more PG13 than the Del Toro movies.
I wonder when this is placed. Not sure how I feel about Bruttenholm being alive. Could be flashbacks though. He’s the Uncle Ben in this comic, his death changes Hellboy. And is ultimately how he ended up in England and out of the BPRD.
I know they aren’t doing a direct translation. That’s pretty obvious, but completely missing the mark is a mistake. Also, Kate Corrigan was a badass.
I didn’t hate it though. I’m just currently sitting at no (Still gonna watch it, but it feels wrong) Stuff I liked:
I did like seeing Baba Yaga’s house.
I did like seeing the Colorado base.
The apocalyptic hellscape looks right, if too early to pull in.