Review – Wonder Woman # 44

Wonder Woman, Volume 4, Issue 44 starts off with the titular character unconscious in an alley after being shot with a golden arrow at the end of  issue 43 by Aegus. Diana is awoken by an elderly homeless woman and flies into the air while pulling the arrow free. She then heads into the investigation of who might have created the weapon that shot her, while continuing her quest to find Donna Troy.

We see Aegus’s real life falling to pieces, though we are shown that he looks to be a con artist, or at least an identity thief, whose cons are all unraveling. He has a golden coin that he was given that seems to have changed his luck for the worst.

Meanwhile, Donna’s story is also carrying out elsewhere in London. She saves a girl that had bumped into Diana in the previous issue and the two become friends. The girl, living on the streets and trying to keep from getting killed, takes Donna back to her deserted subway home and gives he some clothes to wear, which hearken back to Donna’s Titans outfit, with the tight black catsuit and white boots.

The book wraps up with Diana questioning Strife, the Fates have also been killed, which is leading to the Olympian Gods becoming nearly mortal while not on Olympus.

The book is done by the Wife and Husband team of Meredith and David Finch as Writer and Artist, respectively.

It’s a fair issue in the story lines of Aegus and Donna, with Diana in her flashy new armor. The writing is well done, with good dialogue. Being in the middle of a story arc, it doesn’t stand out as one of those great stories of all time, but it is a good book, and the first in-book appearance of Donna’s new outfit. (It is on one of the covers for WW #43, but not in the book).

It’s a solid 3/5 star book. It’s well out together and worth a read, but it’s not outstanding. This is what I would come to expect out of a big 2 book that is into it’s run.

P.S. since I mentioned Donna’s new costume, I thought it only right to mention Aegus’s redo. He’s an old character in the books, and back in the day, when I was first reading comics, he looked like this:


His new look is this:

New 52 Aegus

As Prince John in Men in Tights might say – “It’s a good change! A good…good change!”

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