“Tom King, You Glorious Bastard” – Batman Annual # 2 – Episode 99

“Tom King, You Glorious Bastard” – Batman Annual # 2 – Episode 99

Batman Annual # 2 – “Some of These Days” – DC Comics – Written by Tom King – Pencils and Inks by Lee Weeks and Michael Lark – Colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser and June Chung



Moon Knight # 189 – “Crazy Runs In The Family, Part 2” – Marvel Comics – Written by Max Bemis – Pencils by Jason Burrows – Inks by Jason Burrows and Guillermo Ortega – Colors by Max Lopes



Mystik U # 1 – DC Comics – Written by Aliso Kwitney – Pencils and Inks by Mike Norton – Colors by Jordie Bellaire



Batman: Creature Of The Night # 1 – DC Comics – Written by Kurt Busiek – Art by John Paul Leon



Rick and Morty # 32 – “Summer’s Eve” – Oni Press – Written by Pamela Ribon – Pencils and Inks by Erica Hayes – Colors by Katy Farina



Super Sons Annual # 1 – “Animal Planet” – DC Comics – Written by Peter J. Tomassi – Pencils by Paul Pelletier – Inks by Cam Smith – Colors by Hi-Fi



Pull, Pass or Complain about it on the Internet

Dark Hawk # 35 – Marvel Comics – Written by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims – Pencils and Inks Kev Walker – Colors by Java Tartaglia



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