Review – From Under Mountains #1

Writer –  Claire Gibson, Marian Churchland

Art – Sloane Leong

From under mountains is set in the 8house fantasy world and shows a world that is a mix of detailed and fleshed out and simultaneously vague. That’s sort of the crux of the impression I’m  left with – very mixed.

The art style is unique  but not to my aesthetic,  which is a matter of personal taste and not necessarily quality. However, the layout of the book is very strong, with clever and varied use of panel layout and sizes. By far the strongest parts of the book are the opening segment and the map and design work at the end.

The opening scene is blend of strong art and sparse, but impactfull narration. Less is definately more here, as we see a magical ritual that seems both detailed and mysterious. The end of the book has a really cool map that hints at lots of possibilities and a larger world

The actual story gives us a look at two women from different social classes, and sets them in motion to eventually cross paths,  suffers from not spending enough time on each character to make us particularly invested in them. We get a sense of the world, but only a small sense of the characters that inhabit it.

Overall, I think if a reader is looking for a non super hero book set in a fantasy world, that is not set in the familiar European Ren Faire like world’s they have seen before, this may satisfy that desire. However, this one is not for me. In the end I would just rather read a fantasy book I love, like Rat Queens or Birthright.

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