Review – Postal #7

Writers – Bryan Hill, Matt Hawkins

Artist – Isaac Goodhart

Cover Artists – Isaac Goodhart, Linda Sejic

Postal #7 contains a lot of emotional honesty and uncomfortable truth. Postal is very, very good at giving us fully formed, complex characters who feel like real people. Real damaged, bad people. What do you expect in a town of criminals? Each character has the sense of having a complete history that we are only seeing the proverbial tip of the iceberg of.

In addition to the strong characters we get some great bits of dialogue. When explaining why he wants to fight another character we get one of my favorite lines on a long time – “A motherfucker like that shouldn’t walk this world feeling safe”. That’s deep hatred, and need to set the world right. We also get a chilling line of internal monologue at the end from Mark when he sees an opportunity to make a friend, by making an enemy – “maybe we can hate him together”

The art and layout are also pretty great. We get a nice scene of a physical altercation cut with a social confrontation, both of which create a sense of tension and pay of with a sense of satisfaction. In both cases something is lost to gain something else and I like the parallel.

We also get some strong “acting” on the way the facial expressions are done. It’s also kept visually interesting by having different “camera angles” and effective use of page layout. There also is a pretty awesome homage to the famous image of Mohammed Ali’s victory over Sonny Liston.

Overall this one of my favorite issues of any series I’ve read in z while.

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