Review – Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4

Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick, Kelly Thompson

Artists: Laura Braga, Paolo Pantalena

Colorist: Lee Loughridge

There are those who are not satisfied with the truth they have been told their entire lives, that all of the world holds dear and sacred. Those who dare to ask more, to seek out their own truth, to push the world along, kicking and screaming into a new reality.  We call the by many names – Heretic, scientist, artist, pioneer, blasphemer, explorer and hero. 
    Captain Marvel dared to question God Doom, and what lies beyond our gaze. As she dared to ask those questions, she saw more of the cracks In the veil the world tried to sell as truth. Her questioning dragged her friends and enemies into that quest for truth. The bonds of friendship and the strength of her leadership made her quest the cause of her allies, and even forced her enemies to have to examine their own truth. 
     To me the great strength of the book is we see the struggle, the conflict, the pain and the blood and death that had to be paid for daring to question God Doom and in the end we do not get to see what Carol sees as the result of her trials and tribulations. We are not shown if her questioning reveals a greater truth or confirms what God Doom has said truth is. I like this because that revelation would cheapen the struggle and sacrifice with a clear answer. The questions of reality and ultimate truth are not that clear cut.  We each have to ask ourselves if the price is worth the answer. 
     Do we have what it takes to go higher,  faster, further, to seek more? In the end Carol “sliped the burly bonds of earth, and dared to touch the face of God”

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