The Muppets, Season 1 Episode 1 “Big Pigs Don’t Cry”


I’ve always loved the Muppets. As a kid I loved the mixture of comedy, musicians I knew and actors I recognized all interacting with The Muppets as if they were real. Elton John’s “crocodile rock” and Alice Cooper’s “welcome to my my nightmare” remain some of my favorite moments in television. I always felt the Muppets never treated me like a dumb little kid yet brought me into a world filled with joyfull innocence. Plus, my parents would match it with me, and we all could enjoy it on different levels. 
     So, many years later I was in the position of sitting down to watch a new rendition of the Muppets with my kid. Would he enjoy it, or find it dated and lame – as kids find just about everything their parents like? Would it not live up to my memories? I was also curious to experience this from the other side of child – parent dynamic. 
     With these thoughts, we sat down to match this new take on a childhood favorite. The celebity guest was Elizabeth Banks and the musical que st was Imagine Dragons, both of which I felt were under utilized. NuElizabeth Banksby Essentially it’s a blend of The Office, The Muppet Show with a little 30 Rock mixed in. From the opening staff meeting we were both laughing. I quickly was on board with the show’s sense of humor, as was the kid. It was enjoyable to watch as an adult, and the kid enjoyed it very much pretty much laughing the entire time. 
     While it is not the Muppet show from my childhood, it’s blend of mockumentary style and Muppets worked well. I’m hoping for more sketches and musical performances as i think that’s truly where The Muppets have shined in the past. It may not be oerfect blend of comedic  chocolate and musical peanut butter I recall but to new eyes it was well received.  Really, I think that’s the goal when you share something with your kid – to relive the memories of the past while they build what will be their memories.

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