“Get Off My Planet” – Star Lord # 6 – Episode 71

“Get Off My Planet” – Star Lord # 6 – Episode 71

Episode # 71, In which the nerds deal with an emotional week in comics



Star Lord #6 – Marvel Comics – Written by Chip Zdarsky, Pencils by Kris Anka, Inks by Kris Anka and Waldo Wong, and Colors by Matt Wilson

Redneck #1 – Image Comics – Written by Donny Cates, Pencils and Inks by Lisandro Estherren, and Colors by Dee Cuniffe

Superman #21 – DC Comics – “Black Dawn, Chapter Two” – Written and Cover Art by Patrick Gleason and also Written by Peter J Tomasi, Inks by Mick Gray, Joel Prado and Ray McCarthy, and Colors by John Kalisz

Sex Criminals #18 – Image Comics – Written by Matt Fraction, and Art by Chip Zdarsky

Doctor Strange #19 – Marvel Comics – “The Power of Strange Compels You” Written by Jason Aaron, Pencils by Chris Bachalo, Inks by John Livesay, Victor Olazaba and Al Vey, Jamie Mendoza, Tim Townsend and Wayne Faucher, and Colors by Chris Bachalo

Super Sons #3 – DC Comics – “When I Grow Up, Part 3: Sibling Rivalry” Written by Peter J Tomasi, Pencils and Inks by Jorge Jimenez, and Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

Batman #21 – DC Comics – “The Button, Part 1” Written by Tom King, Pencils and Inks by Jason Fabok, and Colors by Brad Anderson

Guardians of the Galaxy: Dream On #1 – Marvel Comics – Written by Marc Sumerak, Pencils and Inks by Andrea Di Vito, and Colors by Laura Villari.

Nick Fury #1 – Marvel Comics – Written by James Robinson, Pencils by ACO, Inks by Hugo Petrus, and Colors by Rachelle Rosenberg

Secret Empire #0 – Marvel comics – Written by Nick Spencer, Prologue Art by Rod Reis, Main Art by Daniel Acuna

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