Spider Woman # 2 – Episode 12

Spider Woman # 2 – Episode 12

Wherein spoilers abound, especially for the juggernaut that is The Force Awakens.

Pick of them Week – Spider Woman #2. In which The Nerds try Cheese Bugles and Fizzy Red

00:14:59 – Saga #32. In which The Nerds wonder why you would have guards made of fire in a hall of records.

00:28:40 – Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat #1. In which The Nerds want to know how to hire SuperTemp.

00:37:06 – Jupiter’s Circle Vol 2 #2. In which The Nerds question The System, and what the purpose of power is.

00:48:34 – King Conan: Wolves Beyond the Border #1. By Crom! Grab your weapons and gear! We ride!

01:01:45 – Angela: Queen of Hel #3. In which The Nerds visit their favorite Lesbian Murder Machine.

01:10:26 – Rocketeer at War #1. In which The Nerds join the war effort

01:17:34 – Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2. In which The Nerds visit the City of Kandor.

01:27:13 – Star Wars Darth Vader #14. In which The Nerds see a Princess start down the road to being a General

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Goodbye, Lemmy

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