Review – All New Hawkeye #5

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Art and cover : Ramon Perez

Colors: Ian Herring

Lettering : Joe Sabino

     All new hawkeye #5 is a good example of how to reinforce thematic elements using parallel stories in different times. We find Clint at odds with his brother in the past, and with Kate Bishopnu in the present.  With a distinct color palette and a more hazy, painterly art style for the past we immediatly understand visually the distinction between past and present. This choice of art style helps to convey the hazy and indistinct nature of childhood memories.

     Like two freight trains on parallel tracks, past and present story lines play out.  Each story is distinct and compelling enough to stand on its own. We cut between them to show how patterns repeat in our lives. Each scene helps to underline what is happening in the parallel story. The two train tracks of time converge in a powerful scene where Clint hits his brother for being in the wrong, and Kate hits Clint for being in the wrong. The use of the parallel story lines throughout the prior issues to reinforce similarity is particularly effective when there is a sharp contrast here. I think this helps to drive home the point that even the best among us can end up o n the wrong side of a terrible moral choice. 
     The issue closes with a sequence set in a new time, the future. Here the story offers a chance at redemption. An older  Kate bishop says “we made a mistake, Clint, we made a terrible mistake.  We have to get them back.”  Stories where the protagonists havelp personal responsibility for what went wrong tend to be compelling. We can all identify with mistakes we have made.  Most of us never get the knock on the door to fix the past.

I really want to see what happens next.

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