“John Who?” – Action Comics # 975 – Episode 65

Welcome to the Four Color Nerds! comics podcast. We take on this week’s comics. Each week, we read a variety of comics, and gather here to discuss them. This week we read one of the darker Superman stories in years, and witness godlike power in the hands of a petulant, jealous irrational best frenemey a guy … Read more“John Who?” – Action Comics # 975 – Episode 65

“Hell Bacon” – Doctor Strange # 14 – Episode 56

Join The Nerds as they hang out with Doctor Strange and Satana in Hell’s Diner for some bacon wrapped hell bacon It promises to be a truly out of body experinece.  then listen in as we review: Doctor Strange #14. Spider-Man #9. Superman #11. Moonshine #2. Reborn #2. Batman #11. Black Panther #8 Jessica Jones … Read more“Hell Bacon” – Doctor Strange # 14 – Episode 56

Spider Woman # 4 – Episode 20

[01:04]Spider Woman #4. In which The Nerds give free dental work to Skrulls. [12:05]Power Man and Iron Fist #1. In which The Nerds see that they are definitely not getting the band back together again. [19:20]Bitch Planet #7. In which The Nerds meet the new inmate. [25:30]Clean Room #5. In which The Nerds learn to … Read moreSpider Woman # 4 – Episode 20